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Map Shows the Most Popular Recipes in Each State

Cookbooks are useful tools, but most people now turn to Google for new recipes. Now, a new map shows which of those recipes are the most popular in each state.

CashNetUSA looked at Google trends to determine which meal is the most searched for across the United States. Some are pretty obvious, but many of them are not what you'd think.

When you think of Texas, you might think of barbecue or queso or chicken fried steak. But the most sought out recipe in the Lone Star State is actually cookies.

Tennesseans really love their tacos, while California is skipping the gluten-free trend and hunting down bread recipes.

Some states are more predictable than others. In Louisiana, everyone wants to know the best recipe for jambalaya. Colder states in the North love more hearty meals like chili and tomato soup.

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Arizona and Iowa both want to know how to make frosting, and Colorado is big on salmon recipes. It's interesting to see what people across the U.S. are cooking at home. What is the most popular recipe in your state?

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