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Map Shows the Most Popular Ingredient Used in Every State

It's a known fact that America is regionally divided by quite a few categories. From accents to terms (looking at y'all down South and yinz in Pittsburgh), our great nation is just one giant Americana smoothie of each state, blended from...jalapeños, prawns and ranch dressing?

This map created by FastCoDesign with data from FoodGenius', shows which ingredients or central dishes are the most searched in each state, listing the five most popular ingredients at the top of the infographic. Those are green chile, cheesesteak, green bell pepper, ranch dressing and pecan. Also taken into account are sensory terms for the items.


Jalapeños are unsurprisingly the most popular ingredient in Texas, but the other four standout selections are pico de gallo, chile pepper, fajita, and pecan. No big surprise there.

Other notable state choices include New Mexico's green chiles and Louisiana's love of seafood with crawfish. The Carolinas are here for the slaw and dip, respectively, while everyone in America loves all things slathered ranch dressing.

Tennessee and South Dakota, I applaud you for your fine taste in chocolate. Idaho, Indiana and Wisconsin can never go wrong with the versatile cheddar cheese.

In America, we like to practice pleasure over kale. We also love our creamy, cheesy jalapeño dips.

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Map Shows the Most Popular Ingredient Used in Every State