These Are The Most Popular Cookbooks in America Right Now

If there's one thing I collect more than magnets on my fridge its cookbooks. I love finding a new one whenever I travel and I jump for joy whenever I find an interesting one at the local used bookstore or vintage store. Italian, American, French, Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean, African, you name it. There's no stopping my obsession with new cookbooks. The only problem is finding enough room on my bookshelf to hold them all.

There are the classics like How To Cook Everything and the Joy of Cooking that fully encompass the home cooks in America. Then there's Mastering the Art of French Cooking that shows you how to make the perfect souffle. And let's not forget American's Test Kitchen cookbooks (I have dozens from my short internship with the company) which provide easy recipes for every cooking skill level.

So with all these popular books, and your personal favorites, have you ever wondered which are the most popular cookbooks around the United States?

Thanks to our friends over at JoyBird, we no longer have to wonder. Using Google Trends and breaking down the top 100-best selling cookbooks at Barnes and Noble, Joybird was able to pinpoint the most popular cookbook in each state. Let's take a look:

This year is all about trying to live a healthier lifestyle and the data showed this. In fact, 1/3 of states featured a healthy cookbook focused on the Whole30 diet and the green smoothie cleanse. And in that, 31% of states searched for diet-related cookbooks and 16% of states wanted to try some new vegan recipes.

Alongside eating healthy, celebrities took over 29% of searches. It's no surprise Whiskey in a Teacup made it up there along with Chrissy Teigen and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Table.

Here's how it broke down based on region:

MidwestMagnolia Table, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, The Whole30 Cookbook

NortheastThe Joy of Cooking

SouthWhiskey in a Teacup, Magnolia Table, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, Sweet Potato Soul, 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

WestThug Kitchen, The Whole30 Cookbook

It seems the clear winner is Whole30 followed closely by Magnolia Table and the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook (which I admit I own and love).

Did your favorites make the list?

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