The Most Hated Fast Food in America is Dominos

We all have our guilty pleasure fast food, whether it's late-night Taco Bell or McDonald's French fries. Many people also have fast food chains that they hate, whether they don't like the quality of the food or have had a negative experience there. The RAVE Reviews team did a study to find the most hated fast food in every country, and you'll never guess what they found for America!

To find the most despised fast food restaurant in each country, they used a language analysis tool called SentiStrength, with which they looked at over a million tweets to analyze people's feelings about a number of popular fast food chains. The chains studied were Wendy's, Domino's, KFC, Orange Julius, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Burger King, McDonald's, Subway and Pizza Hut.

The Most Hated Fast Foods in the World

The results had surprising (and offensive to us Americans) results, showing that many people around the world hate KFC. KFC is the most hated fast food brand in 14 countries, based on many negative tweets about the quality of Kentucky Fried Chicken. What could they possibly have against a bucket of crispy fried chicken??

The next most hated fast-food chain worldwide was shown to be Wendy's, which is most hated in 11 countries. After that, the results seem a little random. Mexico's most hated fast food joint is Taco Bell- maybe they feel that Taco Bell's Tex Mex food is an insult to their cuisine?

Russia has a vendetta against Starbucks, and most of Europe overall hates Subway. America's most hated fast food is also surprising. After analyzing many tweets proclaiming their love or hatred of various fast food restaurants, RAVE Reviews found that the fast food most hated in America is Domino's Pizza.

While you'd probably get a different answer depending on if you're in New York, Ohio, Arizona or Montana, the overall message is clear: many Americans hate Domino's pizza.

Some tweets on social media are straight to the point about their feelings, saying things like "I hate Domino's pizza."

Some go into more detail, explaining the many reasons that Domino's is an atrocity of the pizza world.

Still others explain how Domino's makes them feel physically, and it doesn't sound good.

However, there are also many Americans who love this fast food pizza joint, no matter what the haters say. Where do you stand?