Premiere: Morgan Myles Finds Her Strength on 'Mad at Myself'

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Singer-songwriter Morgan Myles looks back on a difficult time in her career on "Mad at Myself," an ode to finding her own voice and strength from her album Therapy Sessions.

Myles said she wrote the song during a time in which she was being disrespected and began questioning whether her career was worth her unhappiness. But she soon realized her songwriting had become an invaluable outlet.

"I wrote 'Mad At Myself' during a challenging time when I felt very isolated with no way out in my career," Myles tells Wide Open Country. "I was constantly being put down and disrespected -- to the point I was ready to just give up on music -- and I had become a shell of a person. This song was about me asking myself 'is my career more important than my own happiness, is it really worth taking this abuse?' Soon after this song was recorded, I was able to leave the situation and the music I'd written during this time had become my therapy -- each song was a testimony of how strong I had become, and that I needed to keep following my dreams."

Watch Morgan Myles perform "Mad At Myself" below.

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Premiere: Morgan Myles Finds Her Strength on 'Mad at Myself'