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Exclusive: Stream Moonsville Collective's New EP 'Moonsville II'

Los Angeles' Moonsville Collective makes music for music's sake. And in 2017, the Americana quintet with rootsy undertones is making a lot of it.

Moonsville Collective started as just that: a rotating cast of people gathering to jam and hone their musical chops. In 2013, they created a firm lineup and released two records of original music. The group also hit the road, taking their California vibe across the country. They shared stages with acts like the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Chuck Ragar.

Now, the group is in the midst of an audacious project. To showcase their musicality and wide-ranging sound, Moonsville Collective created a four-volume EP. Every three months, the band releases a new collection of five new tunes.

And we've got the exclusive stream of Moonsville II, the second installment releasing April 21.

Since diving into original music, Moonsville Collective continues to showcase each members' unique songwriting. In a lot of ways, the group is the living embodiment of what "Americana" means.

"Our sound seems to be forever changing without straying from our roots," said singer and guitarist Ryan Welch. "Old time and folk music take up the largest plot of real estate in our hearts and brains, but we're aspiring to create our own form of Americana; we want to be a band that experiments but always winks with reverence at the past."

Moonsville II captures both the pensive, tender side of the group as well as their more rollicking roots rock influence. Think somewhere between The Avett Brothers and Old Crow Medicine Show.

EP opener "Hundred In The Sun" wraps their carefree California sound around a vagabond theme. Wanderlust and wistfulness play a large role in all five songs on Moonville II. "Santa Fe" and "New Orleans" in particular capture what feels like the group's signature "hopeful melancholy."

Father and son team "Dobro" Dan and Seth Richardson join singer/guitarists Corey Adams and Ryan Welch, while Matthew McQueen brings his mandolin skills to the group. Harmonies line the lyrics more often than not. And while mandolin plays as much a feature role as any other instrument, don't be surprised when a guitar solo rips through the track too, like on "Rumblin and Tumblin."

As of now, Moosnville Collective feels criminally under-appreciated. But as word from Los Angeles spreads, keep your eyes peeled for their traveling road show. For now, enjoy this exclusive stream of their new EP, Moonsville II. Pick up your own copy on April 21.

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