The Internet Asked 20 People How to Spend a $30 Monthly Budget on Food

Do you find it hard to stick to your grocery budget every month? It's not always easy to resist the siren call of items at the grocery store you simply don't need and grocery spending often takes most of an American family's budget. Whether you tend to buy low-cost or moderate-cost items, it's still worth setting out a budget every month if you're looking to save money. However, what about the months when things went sideways?

When it comes to keeping grocery costs low, this AskReddit thread was very interesting to read. User ha966 asked Redditors this: "You have $30 left for a month of food, what would you buy?" Before we get into the answers, it's a simple and important question. Do you really know how to get the most nutrition out of a smaller grocery bill? Your budget amount can vary month to month, but you still have to go grocery shopping.

We grabbed the answers that made the most sense for keeping food costs low and still being able to make mealtime an enjoyable family affair. Meal planning is hard, after all, so remember these tips when you're wanting healthy food on a lower take-home income. Buying groceries doesn't have to equal unhealthy food spending, especially when between pay periods. Here are our favorite answers.

1. A recurring staple.

2. Make your own bread.

3. A go-to low-cost plan.

4. Frozen vegetables: quality food on a tight budget.

5. Fresh produce isn't worth it.

6. Rice and beans are always a great idea.

7. Tacos for dinner forever.

8. Skip high end items for basics.

9. Not your average food choices, but they'll do.

10. Fresh fruits make this list.

11. A healthy monthly budget.

12. Peanut butter packs the protein.

13. Special diets are hard to satisfy.

14. Staples from your average grocery list.

15. A case for breakfast for every family member.

16. Maybe one or two takeout meals for food that makes you happy.

17. Ground beef isn't on every list.

18. Dollar Tree instead of Target or Costco!

19. Good pantry staples no matter what.

20. The daily caloric budget is key.

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