Montgomery Gentry Reemerges With New Single [VIDEO]


Sixteen years after the release of its debut album, Montgomery Gentry is still staying true to its original sound.

The duo's (Eddie Montgomery and Tory Gentry) latest single, "Folks Like Us", is the title track of their latest album that marks a comeback after a-four year absence from the charts. The album came out of a new record deal with Blaster Records and features tracks written by Chris Stapleton and David Lee Murphy. "Folks Like Us" is the kind of blue-collar country reminiscent of some of the pair's biggest hits. For the duo, it's always been about staying true to themselves and singing about what they know best.

"Lyrically, we're consistent with our message of singing to the blue-collar folks out there, and about our military, and singing about family and faith and all of the things that we grew up with in our life," Eddie told The Boot.

Although the industry has changed significantly since the band emerged on the scene at the beginning of the 21st century, Montogomery Gentry's blend of Southern rock and traditional country still appeals to fans of all ages. The band never really took a true break from music since it started up all those years ago. Before it penned its new record deal, Montgomery Gentry spent almost two straight years on the road, performing for dedicated fans who have stuck by the band's side through career highs and lows.

"Even if we didn't have record deals, or didn't have another record deal on Blaster Records, Eddie and I would still be out there traveling and making music," Gentry said. "It's just what our heart is and what we love to do."

Montgomery Gentry's eighth studio album, Folks Like Us, is available in stores and online now. To find out more about the duo's new music and upcoming tour dates, visit their official website.

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Montgomery Gentry Reemerges With New Single [VIDEO]