See Montgomery Gentry Perform 'Where I Come From' in Final Opry Appearance

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Kentucky-bred country duo Montgomery Gentry's July 1, 2017, gig at the Grand Ole Opry ended up being their swan song there. That final performance, weeks before Troy Gentry's untimely passing in a helicopter accident, captured the sense of fun that kept rabid fans loyal until the tragic end.

The duo became members of the Opry on June 23, 2009, for good reason. Their memorable songs pushed country music, small town pride and patriotism into the 21st century. They remained steadfast with their sound and message, even as party-friendly country went pop.

"Where I Come From" incorporates what all was good about the duo as musicians and showmen. Eddie Montgomery comes out looking like a patriotic version of the Undertaker, slinging his mic stand like he's Roger Daltrey. Rock star pizzazz doesn't distract too much from the song, a sing-along anthem about small town life. Meanwhile, the less flashy yet equally exciting Gentry wows throughout with his picking skills. He also chimes in with his own heart-felt vocals, recapturing Louvin Brothers style harmonies.

On a somber note, Gentry looks fit for 50, a little over two months before his passing. The footage celebrates a man's life while serving as a sobering reminder of mortality.

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Gentry's life and music rightfully take center-stage at the Grand Ole Opry House one last time on Sept. 13. A public celebration of his life will be held there at 11 CST, followed by a private service for family and friends.

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See Montgomery Gentry Perform 'Where I Come From' in Final Opry Appearance