Montana Man Recounts Two Bear Attacks Via Facebook Video

A Montana man out on a hike was gruesomely mauled twice by a Grizzly bear and lived to tell the world about it.

With blood covering his face, a visibly shaken Todd Orr posted a 50-second live video to Facebook describing the attack.

"Yeah, life sucks in bear country," he said as he began to tell the story.

Orr took all the precautions out on the trail that morning as he was searching for elk. According to his Facebook page he called out "hey bear" every 30 seconds to be careful not to spook them. That's what he was doing when he came upon a sow and her two cubs, but it didn't work. He continued to yell as the Grizzly mother charged him. Orr even sprayed a full dose of bear spray, but that didn't work either.

All Orr could do was plant his face in the dirt and wrap his arms around the back of his neck while the bear began pouncing on top of him, biting his arms and shoulders. He compared the force of the biting to a sledgehammer hitting his face for more than two minutes. Eventually, the bear left him. Orr then walked back to his truck parked three miles away, but within 5-10 minutes the bear was charging again.

Orr did as he had before, he hit the ground while the bear began biting him. He lay limp on the ground for the second time. He said the pain shot through him until the bear suddenly stopped.

Forty-five minutes later Orr was back at his truck and heading to the hospital. Madison County Sheriff Roger Thompson told the Billings Gazette that Orr handled the situation as he should have.

"I think he did an excellent job under the circumstances, but he ran into a bear who wasn't happy with his presence -- and he lived to tell about it," added Thompson.

Orr is certainly telling people all about it via Facebook. The 50-second video he shot has 27 million views. If anything the video serves as a warning.

"So be safe out there," he says at the end. "Bear spray doesn't always work, but it's better than nothing."

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Montana Man Recounts Two Bear Attacks Via Facebook Video