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Monkey Bars for Kids: 3 Backyard Accessories for Endless Fun


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You know your childhood was the best when the majority of it was spent outdoors, playing with the neighborhood kids. From riding bikes, playing with walkie-talkies, or swimming, times spent soaking up the sun were too much fun. One of my favorite memories was walking to the school playground on the weekends with friends in middle school. We missed elementary school just a bit, so it was good to go back and use the basketball court, swings, and monkey bars.

Monkey bars were too much fun (except for the blisters). Surely your little ones agree that monkey bars are the best part of recess. To satisfy their love for recess this summer, consider buying monkey bars for kids on Amazon.

Types of Monkey Bars on Amazon

On Amazon, you'll see a variety of playground accessories for kids that love to hang out. Monkey bar climbing towers are the most popular. The play equipment doesn't look like the playset you're used to seeing, but it works similarly.


Kids can climb on the climbing frame to get to the middle of the play structure.

You'll also see folding trapeze bars. They're great for developing upper body strength and practicing gymnastic moves at home.

Another type of monkey bar you'll find is obstacle training courses. They have heavy-duty rings for climbers to swing from. These are great for big kids who want a play space similar to their school's monkey bar setup.

We rounded up three top-rated options perfect for your child's needs.


Monkey Bars for Kids

1. Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

Amazon's Choice for jungle gyms is a great piece of playground equipment for kids between 3-6 years old. The outdoor playground toy offers endless play. The monkey bar climbing tower is made with interlocking plastic tubes and a connector with double self-locking springs, making this backyard playset durable and safe for playtime.

The high-quality outdoor play equipment weighs about 27 pounds and has a max load of 150 pounds. It's lightweight and easy to assemble.

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2. Tepemccu Expandable Gymnastics Bars

Amazon's best-selling horizontal bar is a great piece for outdoor play or indoor play areas. Use the extra bedroom (or living room) as an indoor playground this summer or on cold, rainy days.


The $93 indoor gym bar is very stable. The two round pedestals and four slip-resistant rubber floor rings increase friction and absorb shock from exercising. The indoor monkey bar set is foldable, so you can store your kid's play gym equipment when they're done playing.

The weight limit is 140 pounds, ideal for ages 3-8 years old (or beginner gymnasts).

3. Ninja Slackline Backyard Obstacle Training Course 50

Now we're talking. This $74 obstacle course is the ultimate playground equipment for kids who love a challenge.

With climbing rope, gymnastics rings, a hardwood bar, triangles, and a swing set, your kids will have fun for hours and hours.


The heavy-duty set is perfect for big kids. Parents and grandparents are raving about how much fun it is for their little ones!

A five-star review: "Since we put it up, my grandchildren have been outside playing on it everyday from the time they get home from school until my daughter picks them up after work. In just a few days, with much persistence and determination, my oldest grandchild went from not being able to get across to going from one end to the other 4 times in the same day. My younger grandchild loves the swing although she does try the obstacle course but hasn't quite got the hang of it yet. This is a great obstacle course at a great price and helps them build strength and confidence."

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