Rising Country Star Mo Pitney Shares His Love of Hunting and Fishing

Newcomer Mo Pitney is the epitome of a true country artist. Musically, he keeps his sound deeply rooted in traditional country, telling the stories of everyday people. His breakthrough single, "Country", explains what it really means to be a country fan, no matter where you may be from. Although Pitney hails from Illinois, his personality and music is full of southern charm.


When Pitney isn't hard at work on his music, you're likely to find him spending time in the great outdoors. The talented 22-year-old carries an intense love for hunting and fishing and has for most of his life. 2015 has been a big year for the singer, who has won over country fans looking for a more traditional sound.

With a music career that seems to be growing by the second, it's been hard to Pitney to reserve a lot of time for hunting trips. "The last year or two has been harder to get that going," Pitney said. "It's a big part of my life."


For Pitney, hunting is much more than a hobby, it's a way of life. "I've raised and trained bird dogs for pheasant and quail hunting, so I feel kind of guilty that I don't get to hunt with them as much and give them the workout that they need."

Although the past year has kept Pitney busy, he's doing his best to set aside time to get outside and spend time with his family. "The first week of November I'm taking a deer hunting trip with my family," he explained. "I have a couple of times this year that I'll be able to hunt but it's not a very consistent thing that I get to do. I probably only fished three times this summer."

When he does get some spare time to spend in the outdoors, Pitney heads to a few special hunting spots that he holds close to his heart.

"Almost every year, my brother and I go to a place called Huntington, South Dakota to pheasant hunt and I really love that," Pitney explained. "My favorite place to deer hunt is actually my own hometown of Rockford, Ill. I'm a bowhunter for deer and it's known as the bowhunting capitol of the world. I love all of the old farms that I've been able to hunt in up there."

So what is Pitney's idea of the perfect hunting trip? "I'd probably take my brother, 'cause he's my hunting buddy. I've always wanted to shoot an elk with my bow in Colorado. That would be the dream hunt for me."

Pitney is currently out on tour promoting his latest single, "Boy & A Girl Thing". You can find a full list of tour dates at his official website.

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Rising Country Star Mo Pitney Shares His Love of Hunting and Fishing