M&M's Finally Releases a Sequel to Its Classic Christmas Commercial

A good Christmas commercial is unforgettable. It captures the wonder of the season, along with the light-hearted humor that makes spending time with family so worth it. In 1996, M&M's gave us the Christmas commercial heard 'round the world as Red and Yellow set up for Christmas Eve and Santa's arrival. For 11 years, we've always wondered just what happens next.

A quick spot, the commercial has aired at Christmastime in the USA every year since, as the M&M candies mascots, Red and Yellow, have worked their way into the hearts of America. Did you forget the original commercial? Here's a refresher.


We've waited with bated breath to figure out just what happened on Christmas Eve in 1996. Did all those good little girls and boys get their toys, even though Santa fainted?

Well, now we have an answer with this commercial sequel featuring the beloved Red M&M and Yellow M&M. We wish Blue and Green would've made an appearance in the true spirit of Christmas, but we understand.


Yellow, despite being known for his adorable clumsiness, has to take Christmas into his own little gloves. Sure, the presents might have gone to the wrong homes, he actually ended up bringing neighbors together. Santa was, of course, proud.

While the official commercial won't air until the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting in New York City, users all over the world from France to Canada can view this commercial online. Don't you wish we exchanged gifts like the neighbors? I know I sure do.

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