Mitchell Tenpenny's 'Cane's Creek' Will Make You Pine for the Perfect Fishing Hole


Nashville singer-songwriter Mitchell Tenpenny teamed up with The SteelDrivers for this breezy ode to that perfect day out on the water.

"Cane's Creek" is all about a relaxing summer day filled with beer, fishing and good company. It's a simple premise, but one brought to life by Tenpenny's smooth vocals and The SteelDrivers' amazing musicianship. Although it has a bluegrass-infused sound, the song doesn't follow any set rules when it comes to sounding like one particular genre or another. Listeners stay interested because of each musician's incredible talent that flawlessly blend together on the track.

Although he's only 25, Tenpenny has had his foot in the door of the music industry for years. He was introduced to many influential country artists by his grandmother, Donna Hilley, the late music publishing executive. He learned to play everything from the drums to the mandolin and earned both publishing and recording deals soon after graduating college.

Tenpenny cites a wide range of influences that include Brooks & Dunn, Vince Gill, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. His smokey voice is one you'd expect more from an R&B or alternative singer, but that's one of the reasons why he stands out from the pack. Tenpenny has a knowledge of many other styles that pop up in his music and keeps it fresh and exciting to listen to. Even though his music is an experimental blend of sounds, it's one that even the most traditional of country fans can appreciate.

Tenpenny's debut album, Black Crow, is available in stores and online now. To find out more about Mitchell Tenpenny's music, visit his official website.

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Mitchell Tenpenny's 'Cane's Creek' Will Make You Pine for the Perfect Fishing Hole