Miranda Lambert's 'The Weight of These Wings' Will be a Double Album

Lorie Liebig

Miranda Lambert lovers are in for a real treat. The country star has just teased some very exciting music through a new video on her social media accounts.

The black and white clip (similar to the one that announced her album title) shows Lambert writing out a message to fans. Check it out below.

Yep, it looks like her highly-anticipated album, The Weight of These Wings, is actually going to be a double album. From the video, it appears that one album will be titled "The Nerve," while the other one will be named "The Heart."

Since her split with Blake Shelton last summer, Lambert dove head-first into writing new material. Fans have been itching for a follow-up to 2014's wildly popular Platinum. We've already gotten a teaser with her stellar lead single, "Vice." Now, it looks like we'll have plenty to listen to when the record is finally released on Nov. 18.

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Until then, you can pass the time by staring at her new record's album art. If you're in East Texas, you also can hop on over to her Pink Pistol block party on Oct. 22.

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Miranda Lambert's 'The Weight of These Wings' Will be a Double Album