Miranda Lambert Won’t Let Fame Change Her Country Ways

Hitmaker Miranda Lambert may be in the spotlight an awful lot, but she’s not changing her country ways for anything.

From a recent Grammy win for Best Country Album to her rockin’ new video for “Little Red Wagon,” Miranda Lambert has enjoyed plenty of high-profile victories lately. In a recent interview with Elle, she made it clear that even the brightest limelight won’t steal her confidence or shake her country ways of thinking.

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Miranda’s weight loss has attracted some media attention in recent months, but she doesn’t let all that hype change how she sees herself. “I’ve been a lot of sizes in my career,” she said, “I’ve always just tried to rock what I’ve got, no matter what my body is at the time.” She may have a personal trainer out on the road with her to keep her disciplined, but her love for good ol’ Southern biscuits and fried food will never fade.

She doesn’t shy away from assuring people of the normalcy of her and Blake Shelton‘s marriage, either. They’re both on the go almost constantly, but at the end of the day, they’re just like any other couple. With Blake’s gig as a judge on the popular TV show The Voice, they could easily let Hollywood’s lifestyle influence their outlook, but they stick to their down-home ways of living. Miranda said herself, “When all of the glitz and glamour goes away, it’s just us at home in the country.”

As someone who’s confident in her own boots (and even a little rebellious sometimes!), we certainly think Lambert’s commitment to her old-fashioned country roots in the face of fame makes her an excellent role model for women of all ages.

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Miranda Lambert Won’t Let Fame Change Her Country Ways