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The 10 Best Miranda Lambert Videos

Country superstar Miranda Lambert knows how to captivate her audience. With the help of director Trey Fanjoy, Lambert has brought the fun, fierceness and powerful emotions of her biggest hits to life through the power of film. Here are our picks for the top 10 Miranda Lambert music videos, so far.

"Over You"

From the album Four the Record, 2011

Directed by Trey Fanjoy, the video for Lambert's "Over You" finds the singer grieving over the loss of a loved one while wandering through a grey, wintery landscape. The video captures the essence of the somber song which Lambert co-wrote with Blake Shelton.

"Mama's Broken Heart"

From the album Four the Record, 2011

Full of the gritty southern wit we know and love Lambert for, the video for "Mama's Broken Heart" features the country star portraying a heartbroken debutant spiraling out of control. Smudged mascara has never looked so cool.

"Little Red Wagon"

From the album Platinum, 2014

An airstream trailer and an adorable dog are among Lambert's co-stars in the video for "Little Red Wagon," making it one of the most on-brand musical clips of her career.

"Somethin' Bad" ft. Carrie Underwood

From the album Platinum, 2014

Lambert and Carrie Underwood play bank tellers turned Thelma and Louise-style fugitives in this mini-movie directed by Trey Fanjoy.


From the album Platinum, 2014

This ode to a simplified way of life was paired with a fitting music video, featuring Lambert looking through a keepsake chest of old cassette tapes and cowboy boots and driving through a small town seemingly untouched by time. She caps it off by taking a photo — with a Polaroid camera rather than an iPhone.

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"White Liar"

From the album Revolution, 2009

Opening at a wedding (featuring Jamey Johnson as the minister) and ending with Lambert getting the best of her cheating partner, the video for "White Liar" remains one of the singer's most memorable.


From the album The Weight of These Wings, 2016

One of Lambert's most striking and vulnerable country songs, "Vice" called for an equally powerful music video. Director Trey Fanjoy delivered, creating a music video that found Lambert rising from wreckage and finding herself in small town Smithville, Texas.

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"The House That Built Me"

From the album Revolution, 2009

"The House That Built Me" remains one of Lambert's most tear-inducing tracks an the video is no different. The clip, directed by Trey Fanjoy, follows Lambert as she wanders through an old house, reflecting on the time she spent there. The video features old home video clips of Lambert.

"Keeper of the Flame"

From the album The Weight of These Wings, 2016

Showcasing Lambert's life on the road, the video for "Keeper of the Flame" features the superstar meeting fans and rehearsing for her tour.


From the album Kerosene, 2005

The Trey Fanjoy-directed video for Lambert's third single, "Kerosene," features the Texas wild child blazing a trail (literally) right to her ex's door.

This article was originally published in July of 2018.

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