Why Miranda Lambert Thinks There’s Room For Bro Country

Miranda Lambert shares what she thinks about “bro country” and its place in country music.

The term “bro country” is one that has been overwhelmingly used by critics and fans alike in recent years, but equally as hard to define. In a recent interview with Billboard, the always honest and straight to the point Miranda Lambert shared her opinion on the highly debated term and what it means to her.

“I don’t know where ‘bro country’ came from or what it really means,” Lambert told Billboard, “but a lot of those guys are my buddies and I ­support their music.”

In the interview, Lambert continued to discuss the different sub-genres of country and how they each have a place within country music. “Within ­country there are lots of styles: stone-cold country, like Brandy Clark, and there’s Florida Georgia Line with what they do, which is completely different and bringing a whole new audience. There’s room for everyone.”

Only time will tell if “bro country” becomes a legitimate sound and sub-genre in country music. Regardless of personal opinions on the term and what it means, Lambert’s open stance on different styles and sub-genres is one that country music as a whole should welcome with open arms.

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Why Miranda Lambert Thinks There’s Room For Bro Country