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Miranda Lambert Goes Viral on TikTok With 'Tequila Does' Remix Dance


It looks like Miranda Lambert is having the time of her life! The country singer recently released Tequila Does (DJ Telemitry Remix), and what better way to celebrate the fun and cheeky tune than with a dance? Taking a page straight from Walker Hayes' book, the Nashville singer celebrated the song by going on TikTok and surprising her followers with a dance!

Making it her first official remix, she released a video of the updated song, which was first recorded in 2019 for her album Wildcard and then later for her eighth album, The Marfa Tapes. Lambert wrote the original version with her Marfa Tapes collaborators Jon Randall and Jack Ingram. Although the original song is slow and about her love for liquor...she did decide to twist it a little bit, because why not?

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The new music video features Lambert's husband Brendan McLoughlin and his brothers, her brother Luke Lambert and his husband, and their friends. After the release, Lambert spoke about the song, saying, "This is my first remix of any song in my whole career. I knew it was right up my brother Luke's alley so I sent it to him to see what he and Marc thought. They loved it and that gave me the confidence to put it out there."

Taking it to TikTok...which in my opinion is the best way to promote ANYTHING, she posted behind-the-scene videos of herself and friends dancing around the playback of the song. She captions the TikTok video, "TikTonk 🤠 #country music #tequiladoes #poolparty #summermashup."

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TikTonk ? #countrymusic #tequiladoes #poolparty #summermashup

? Tequila Does (Remix) - Miranda Lambert


Let's face it, if you want anything to go viral on social media, you know you need to put it on TikTok. It's genius. Just look Hayes, now everyone online is doing the Fancy Like dance after he posted the viral video with his daughter. So yeah...I expect this to be the same. Good call, Lambert!

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