Miranda Lambert Tears Up On Stage After Spotting This Soldier’s Sign

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Miranda Lambert’s recent shows have featured everything from taking down hecklers to tear-filled performances. Over the weekend, her concert in Connecticut also featured an emotional moment, thanks to one veteran’s heartfelt message.

This time, a soldier in the crowd held up a sign that brought Lambert to tears. And, as you can probably guess, somebody had a phone to capture it.

The band began playing her Grammy-winning hit, “The House That Built Me,” to raucous cheers. As she rounded out the first verse, Lambert caught a glimpse of the sign. She looked directly at the solider and said, “Really?”

It’s like she knew the waterworks were coming.

Lambert reaches down and gets the sign from him to show the rest of the crowd and her band. It read, “3 tours of combat and your voice is the last thing I listened to every night.” Of course, the crowd went crazy when she showed them.

The rest of the performance, understandably, was a bit of an emotional mess. Props to the band for hanging tough, and to the crowd for completely carrying the song while Lambert took a moment.

As if the beautiful song needed any help making folks cry. It’s one of those amazing moments that reminds you how important music is.

According to radio station WWYZ Country 92.5, the soldier’s name is Jeff Tudisca. “I didn’t mean to do that to her,” he told the station. “I just wanted maybe a wink or a wave, but that was more than I could ever ask for.”

The DJs promised to try and get Tudisca a chance to meet his country hero. If it happens, we’re sure somebody we’ll be ready to get footage of that, too.

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Miranda Lambert Tears Up On Stage After Spotting This Soldier’s Sign