Miranda Lambert
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Miranda Lambert Reveals How George Strait Fixed Her Relationship with Her Father

We've all made our parents angry over a decision we've made. But most of us don't have someone like George Strait ready to come to our rescue. That was the case for country superstar Miranda Lambert.

While on tour, Lambert's father took charge of the merchandise table in order to keep an eye on his daughter while she traveled. During this same period, Miranda was debating whether or not to get a tattoo. She even ran the idea by her father, but he was not a fan of the idea.

Lambert went ahead and got the large tattoo on her forearm. And her dad was not happy about her decision.

The two were not on speaking terms during some of the tour, and that's when Strait decided to step in. Seeing there was unneeded tension, the country legend thought of a fun and comical way to break the ice between the two.

At the end of the tour, Straight ordered over 75 temporary tattoos. He passed all of the tattoos out to those working on the tour, including Lambert's father.

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The group all posed in a photo with the temporary tattoos on their forearms, bringing the two family members together despite their differences.

Now, if only George Strait could solve some of the arguments I have with my parents.

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