Miranda Lambert attends Grammy Awards/ photo of Girl Scout cookies
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Miranda Lambert Reveals Her Go-To Girl Scout Cookies


At dawn, we ride. Girl Scout Cookie season is in full swing, with adorable little troops posted up outside grocery stores across the nation selling the sweet, crunchy, ooey-gooey morsels by the minivan load. Always one to rally for the cause, Miranda Lambert picked up a few boxes of the good stuff, and her three favorite cookie varieties prove the old adage: Stars, they're just like us!

The country superstar posted a selfie on Instagram on Feb. 19 showing off her delicious "haul" in a Walmart parking lot.

"I had to make a Walmart run today (for some essentials and other stuff I didn't know I needed 😎) and I lucked out. The @girlscouts were right outside the door! I love girl scout cookie season. Made a haul! 🍪💕 #thinmint #carmeldelights #peanutbutterpatties," she captioned the image.

Lambert is holding a box of Caramel deLites (aka Samoas) in the photo, but if hashtags mean anything, the singer is a fan of two other classics of the genre: Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties (aka Tagalongs).


Carrie Underwood, a former Scout, took to the comments to recite her Scout's oath, writing, "*puts 3 fingers up "On my honor, I shall try to serve God and my country...to help people at all times...and to live by the Girl Scout law."

Grammy-winning songwriter and frequent Miranda Lambert collaborator Natalie Hemby also chimed in, revealing that Lambert is a certified Girl Scout Cookie groupie.

"I remember when we wrote at my house and a girl came by selling them and you made her day and bought like 8 boxes (and she met MIRANDA LAMBERT)...They all came to my house and I ate all of them because you were on the road the rest of the year...," Hemby commented. 
If Lambert's cookie quest has inspired you to partake this season, you can head to the Girl Scouts website to find a cookie booth near you. You can also ship the yummy bites straight to your door through your local Girl Scout Council. Oh, and there's a new online-only cookie this season: The Raspberry Rally, a thin cookie infused with raspberry flavor and dipped in chocolaty coating à la the always-excellent Thin Mint. Don't walk, run!

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