Hear Miranda Lambert’s Edgy New Single, ‘Vice’

Lorie Liebig

Miranda Lambert is back with a brand new track that features an edgier sound and surprisingly honest lyrics.

Since her big debut on the country charts with “Me and Charlie Talking,” Lambert has gone through an incredible artist transformation. The evolution of her sound has never been more apparent than with the release of “Vice,” a gritty, rock-edged ballad to the things we use and abuse just to get through the day.

Ever since Lambert’s ex, Blake Shelton, decided to release a string of songs that focus on getting over a bad relationship, fans have wondered how the country star would respond. With “Vice,” she opts to focus on the three tools that many use when getting through heartbreak – music, alcohol and sex.

While the theming is somewhat similar to Shelton’s “Came Here to Forget” in terms of alluding to those three vices, Lambert’s track is more reflective. The dark, guitar-heavy track seems to question her ability (and desire) to stop herself from making the same mistakes.

So is the song an actual autobiographical depiction of her life, or just a cleverly crafted country song? Either way, it seems like Lambert is about to have another hit on her hands.

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Hear Miranda Lambert’s Edgy New Single, ‘Vice’