Watch Miranda Lambert Take On 'Douchebag' Hecklers at Her Concert

Lorie Liebig

Miranda Lambert doesn't have time for "douchebag" hecklers at her concerts. She proved that she won't put up with people who act up at a recent concert in Irvine, Calif. Before Lambert continued with her next song, "White Liar," she kicked out two obnoxious guys from the crowd, and the resulting video is priceless.

According to fans who were there on Twitter, the rude dudes were yelling "Gwen Stefani" at Lambert. Yes, that's the woman her ex-husband, Blake Shelton, is now openly dating. Security escorted the two hecklers out of the venue, per Lambert's request. She hilariously addressed the crowd, apologized and said, "Sometimes you just have to ditch a douchebag every now and then."

To Lambert's credit, it looks like she tried to ask them nicely to stop at the beginning of the video. It appears she only got on the microphone when they continued their disruptive behavior.

We can't blame her for doing what she had to so that everyone else could enjoy the show. The other audience members didn't seem to mind either and cheered the whole time.

The country star is currently traveling around the country on her Keeper of the Flame Tour. She's also enjoying the success of her new song, talking about her upcoming album and staying busy with the opening of her new East Texas Pink Pistol store.

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Watch Miranda Lambert Take On 'Douchebag' Hecklers at Her Concert