Hear Miranda Lambert's Rockin' Cover of Little Feat's 'Willin''

One of the reasons Miranda Lambert holds the record for most consecutive Female Vocalist of the Year Awards is because she puts on an amazing show. Her latest tour, Keeping the Flame Tour, just got on the road on May 14 and she is already wowing fans.

Between belting out her top hits and killing stray beach balls that fans threw on stage, Lambert covered some of her favorite songs. One of the most special of the night was her rendition of "Willin'."

After some motivating words to her fans about having the guts to move forward in life, Lambert performed the song she considers "one of her favorites." Her rendition of the classic allows you to hear her beautiful voice in a unique way.

The song "Willin'" was originally featured on Little Feat's debut album. However, it was eventually re-recorded for a different album, which was what made the song famous. Guitarist and singer Lowell George originally wrote the song before the band was even formed. Today, they still perform it at their concerts, even though he passed nearly 20 years ago.

Over the years, a number of artists have covered this track. One of the more famous is Linda Ronstadt. She recorded this track for her 1974 album, which caused the song to become even more popular.

Lambert will continue touring this summer and will hit many cities around the country. The tour will wrap up in San Antonio, but this date has not been announced yet.

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Hear Miranda Lambert's Rockin' Cover of Little Feat's 'Willin''