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Song Premiere: Mink's Miracle Medicine Sings a Carnival Love Song on 'At the Fair'


West Virginia-based Americana duo Mink's Miracle Medicine (Melissa Wright and Daniel Zezeski) set a dizzying new love story against the backdrop of a small town carnival on "At the Fair," from their forthcoming album Thumbs Up Angel (out on Oct. 16).

"'At the Fair' started with a guitar riff in open E and transformed into a love story that takes place at a county fair. It's falling in love with someone, kissing on a ferris wheel, throwing rings on bottles, and praying for a sign that this is a real, true thing. It's all in a carnival dream," band member Melissa Wright tells Wide Open Country. "Every time I listen back, I always feel that rush of summertime whenever the drums and guitars kick off 'At the Fair' with that unhinged tilt-a-whirl rhythm."
Listen to "At the Fair" below.

The duo previously released House of Candles and Pyramid Theories.

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