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After Years on the Road as a Drummer, Miles Miller Comes Home to Songwriting on Sturgill Simpson-Produced Album 'Solid Gold'

"There's no one else in the world that I feel closer to," Miller says of Simpson.

Miles Miller, known for his exceptional skills as a drummer and his work and tours with artists including Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson and Town Mountain, is finally unveiling his personal work to the world.

"It's been a long time coming," Miller told Wide Open Country. "Before I was even super interested in drums, I was playing guitar and singing, dancing and doing all that stuff. That was really my first love of music."

He describes his album, Solid Gold, as a long time in the making; some of the songs were written over a span of several years.

"I didn't have any of the life experiences I have now, so I could really feel [those experiences] a little bit more and apply some personal things to make [the songs] special to me, and hopefully relatable to someone else," Miller says. "I couldn't be happier."

Having started his journey in the country music industry as a drummer, Miller's years on the road offered him invaluable lessons that helped shape his path as a solo artist.

"It taught me how to be a professional about it all, to focus on the right things — and that's through trial and error," he says.

He was most recently the opening artist on a string of shows with Childers.

Reflecting on their deep-rooted connection, Miller played a pivotal role in introducing Childers to Simpson. Recalling those early days, the opportunity to join Childers on tour held significant meaning for him.

"I thought it'd be a no-brainer to do some of that," Miller shares. "It was cool to be on that tour and not have the record out. It was incredible. I wanted those to be my first shows, really."

The album, masterfully produced by Miller's longtime friend Simpson, bears the unmistakable imprint of Simpson's "laid-back style" and musical guidance. Miller expressed a deep connection with him as well.

"Musically, there's no one else in the world that I feel closer to," he says. "It was a no-brainer to have him around just to guide the whole thing. We let our ears do the walking and the music do the talking."

Their shared years on the road gave way to a seamless collaboration, resulting in a cohesive sound and clear artistic direction for the album.

Title track "Solid Gold" is Miller's way of weaving a somber love story that delves into the cycle of a crumbling relationship, authentically portraying the emotions of loneliness and the hazy aftermath of a bad breakup. The album also features moments of happiness and quick love songs, providing a comprehensive portrayal of the complexities of love.

"It's all specific and personal to me," he says.

Reflecting on the meaning behind the song "In A Daze" — the fifth track on the album — Miller expressed the essence of his inspiration.

"It's like you don't know what day it is, you don't know what time of day it is," he says. "Everything's hazy, and it's like a cloud is over you."

The music and lyrics convey a sense of being lost in a foggy state when experiencing emotions that may be too much to deal with. The use of a steel guitar paired with Miller's captivating vocals sets the perfect scene of self-awareness amid all of the chaos.

"Sometimes, the relationship's a bad one. It just gets crazy and wild, so it's all about being, you know, cloudy. But also being aware of that," he says.

The album serves as a remarkable testament to Miller's evolution as a solo artist, showcasing his ability to authentically express his emotions through his songwriting. Drawing from his personal journey, the album delves deep into the intricate dynamics of love, loss and self-awareness.

Three tracks from the album — "Solid Gold," "Highway Shoes" and "A Feeling Called Lonesome" — have already been released as singles. Miller describes "Solid Gold" as capturing the overall vibe and imagery of the album, while "Highway Shoes" resonates as a personal favorite that embodies the spirit of escape when things go awry. Drawing from his own relationship turmoil, particularly the end of his marriage, "A Feeling Called Lonesome" explores the weight one carries after the demise of a relationship.

"It's that feeling right after the relationship is actually done for good," he says. "And you just carry that burden with you for a while ... those feelings and all that heaviness."

Solid Gold unfolds as a love story, exploring the various stages of a failing relationship. Each of the 12 tracks encapsulates a distinct moment in such an emotional journey, allowing listeners to intimately connect with the rawness and authenticity of Miller's experiences.

"Some people just don't know how to handle something like that," he says. "And I definitely didn't at times. But I also knew what was going on, and I had to do something about it. And, ultimately, I did."

Miller expressed his hope that listeners will take the time to listen to the whole album and engage with the stories and themes he presents. He acknowledged the challenges of capturing listeners' attention in today's fast-paced world, but emphasized the importance of experiencing the album as a whole.

"Listen to the whole thing, listen to every song, every record, every lyric, the whole way through," Miller says. "Let it play once through and let it take you over if it can."

He hopes that through his honest and introspective lyrics, people can relate their own undertakings and realize they are not alone. In Miller's words, "We all feel the same things, but we can make it. We'll be alright."

Solid Gold is out July 7. You can listen to it here.


'Solid Gold' Track List:

  1. Solid Gold
  2. Don't Give Away Love
  3. Passed Midnight
  4. A Feeling Called Lonesome
  5. In A Daze
  6. My Sanity
  7. Highway Shoes
  8. Where Daniel Stood
  9. Even If
  10. Seeing Clear
  11. Always November
  12. I Wish


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