Mike Tyson’s Former Mansion is Now a Church Sanctuary

The former home of heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is getting an extreme makeover. The 13,500 square-foot mansion in Trumball Country, Ohio was originally purchased by Tyson in order to be closer to the training facility of boxing promoter Don King. The property, located in the town of Orwell, has sat vacant for some time now.

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After he was hit with financial problems, Tyson was forced to sell the home back in 1999. What was once a place Tyson decked out in crystal chandeliers and tiger print carpet has since deteriorated to a place of despair. That all began to change when a local church purchased it with plans for renovation.

The Trumball County Church and it’s Pastor, Nick Dejaicamo, have worked hard to transform the former Tyson estate into what will eventually be the home of the Living Word Sanctuary.

Architecturalafterlife.com – Johnny Joo

“We have totally re-landscaped the place. We’ve opened up those paths, cleaned up the basketball courts, redone all the roofs on all the buildings and shored them up. Painted the place. We have temporary electric and we are moving on,” he told USA Today of the 58-acre property.

The four bedrooms in the original part of the home will be turned into classrooms, while the kitchen and dining area have since been stripped for remodeling. Dejaicamo says there’s plenty of space in that area for movie nights and celebrations.

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The garage that used to house Tyson’s luxury car collection will soon be a nursery where young children will be cared for during services.

The addition Tyson made to the original home will most likely be used for group meetings or as a way for bridal parties to make use of the spiral staircase for a grand entrance.

The biggest transformation of all will happen in the room where Tyson’s indoor pool and Jacuzzi used to be, which will soon be home to all of the church’s official services.

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“You can see the beauty of this place is phenomenal” Dejacimo said. “And you would think this place was always intended to be a church and a sanctuary.”

There is no official timeline when the Living Word Sanctuary will be complete, but plans of holding Christmas services on the property are still in high hopes. Whenever it is officially complete, an invitation for Tyson to attend will be extended for him to see his former home in its new and well serving glory.

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Mike Tyson’s Former Mansion is Now a Church Sanctuary