mike and the moonpies
Mike and the Moonpies

Mike and the Moonpies and John Baumann Release Witty New Song, 'Country Music's Dead'

Texas artists Mike and the Moonpies teamed up with John Baumann and producer Adam Odor to offer a witty new take on the "death" of country music. On "Country Music's Dead," the Moonpies and Baumann offer their take on the current state of the genre.

But it's not quite what you'd think from just reading the title. Instead of lamenting the sounds modern country, it's more about staying true to your own sound.

"This song is about being yourself and staying in your lane," Moonpies frontman Mike Harmeier says in a statement. "I think Baumann, Adam and myself all know exactly who we are and what we love to do and will pursue that end no matter the cost."

It's an ode to the honky-tonk heroes playing the beaten up venues to ten people who came to dance. And also a reminder that there are all kinds of country music. If you want to find music that reminds you of the old stuff, just go looking for it.

The song definitely captures the Texas music scene for a large portion of weekend warriors. Lines like, "A hundred bucks to play another set and a case of beer to take home after hours" is a sentiment just about every country musician in Texas relates to.

But there's also a strong sense of camaraderie on the rollicking tune. "You can take a line from one of mine, we'll make it rhyme and keep the fire from burning out," they sing on the chorus.

Harmeier, Baumann and Odor all co-wrote the tune together. They didn't record until after tracking the Moonpies' upcoming release Steak Night at the Prairie Rose so it won't appear on the album. That album releases Feb. 2.

"This song came from the need to fan the creative fire and create something with Adam again," Harmeier says. "We wanted to make a statement about how real country records are still being made and how the bands making that music can still be found playing to ten people in some dive bar. The real deal is still out there, you just have to look for it and support it."

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