Watch Texas Trio Midland's Laid-Back Acoustic Video for 'Burnout'

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Austin-based trio and band to watch Midland has released a no-frills, Western-themed music video for their song "Burnout."

The simple but beautifully shot video features members Mark Wystrach (vocals, guitar), Cameron Duddy (bass,vocals), and Jess Carson (lead guitar, vocals) as they let their voices carry the scene. Not much else is happening in the video, just a simple acoustic performance and their voices. But then again, with great harmonies like theirs, there's not much else needed.

Featured on their recently-released debut EP, "Burnout" is a throwback ballad with modern sensibilities that tells of burnt out cigarettes and heartbreak. It's a version of modern country that harkens back to the genre's golden days. If Gary Stewart wrote a heartbreak ballad and Dwight Yoakam sang it, you'd get "Burnout." It's a barebones tune that's an absolute pleasure to listen to.

The video for "Burnout" is the third in an ongoing series of acoustic renditions of their tracks. The previous clip for "Drinkin' Problem" features the same 70s country vibe and even more phenomenal vocals.

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It's easy to jump the gun on calling bands "the next big thing," but with the way country seems to be circling back to old country, Midland looks poised to take off in a big way.

Midland's self-titled debut EP is available now via Big Machine Records.

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Watch Texas Trio Midland's Laid-Back Acoustic Video for 'Burnout'