Midland Perform Unreleased Song 'Gator Boys' at Gruene Hall



Here come the Gator Boys! Midland recently performed their unreleased anthem at Gruene Hall in their stomping grounds of the Texas Hill Country.

The music video lets all the fans who couldn't cram into the small Gruene Hall experience the band's charismatic performance. At the beginning of the video, the trio say that the lyrics are about "98 percent true" and would fit perfectly in a movie where they could make themselves look "a lot cooler than they are." Though at this point, who's cooler than Midland?

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The sharp-dressed trio also played their No. 1 hit "Drinkin' Problem" and their new single highlighting the flip side of "Drinkin' Problem," "Burn Out," along with five other tracks recorded by American Honda's Honda Stage and uploaded to the band's YouTube page.

Honda Stage partners with iHeartRadio to record live performances and interviews to excite fans and inspire other musicians to follow their creative ambition. The obvious friendship between the three Midland boys who all sing together on their unofficial anthem, "Gator Boys," would make anyone want to start a band with their best buds.

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