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Mickey Guyton Updates Fans Following Her 9-Month-Old Son's Health Scare


Mickey Guyton asked her fans for prayers last week after her nine-month-old son, Grayson Clark Savoy, was sent to the ICU. The singer didn't reveal why the child was in the hospital. Grayson, who is Guyton's only child, was born in February 2021. The country singer has shared several photos of the boy on social media, showing off his beautiful smile.

Through Twitter, the singer stated, "I normally don't do this but my son is being sent to the icu (intensive care unit), The doctors don't know what's wrong. Please please pray."

Guyton updated fans on Saturday (Nov. 20) about Grayson's condition, crediting doctors with diagnosing her son with a stomach bug and quickly devising a treatment plan.


Guyton opened up about being a first-time mom while attending the Grammys.

She told Entertainment Tonight, "I literally just had a baby 30 days ago, it's wild. Having this baby, this beautiful baby boy that I have, has taken a lot of that pressure off of me, I guess. I've just been, just so involved in him. That's all that matters to me right now."

Guyton and husband Grant Savoy married after seven years together. They met through Savoy's stepsister in 2010. On June 26, 2017, the singer married Savoy in a very intimate ceremony at Kauai Marriott Resort in Kauai, Hawaii. Savoy is a founding member of Solouki, which is an LA-based law firm that focuses on employment violations in both government and private sectors. He previously worked at the Office of the Ventura County Public Defender, a criminal defense law firm and the Los Angeles County District's Office.


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