Mickey Guyton Shares Stripped-Down and Poetic New Song 'Nice Things'

Mickey Guyton

Mickey Guyton is back with a heartfelt new song that's tailor-made for anyone who's been taken for granted by the one they love.

Co-written by Guyton with acclaimed songwriters Liz Rose and Stephanie Chapman, "Nice Things" tells the story of a man who thoughtlessly breaks her heart. Like a kid who forgets their favorite toy in the yard, he neglects the best thing he has.

But this isn't your traditional heartbreak song. It's about always knowing your worth and giving your time to those who recognize the importance of what they have.

Take a listen to "Nice Things" below.

Guyton has been vocal about her lifelong admiration for Dolly Parton, and that comes through in every line of "Nice Things." The combination of poetic but relatable storytelling and impressive vocals channels Parton's best hits, but Guyton's youthful confidence is what truly elevates the song to the next level.

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Guyton will open for Aaron Watson during his stop at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium on Oct. 4. You can stream "Nice Things" online or purchase the song via iTunes now.

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Mickey Guyton Shares Stripped-Down and Poetic New Song 'Nice Things'