Mickey Gilley Recovering After Car Wreck, Cancels Show

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

81-year-old country legend Mickey Gilley is recovering after a car accident on Tuesday (Jan. 3).

Gilley and his son were en route to Branson, Mo. when their vehicle rolled over three times off the highway.

"I have a fractured left ankle and a fractured right shoulder," Gilley said in a Facebook statement. "I am having a hard time walking because I have a big boot on my left leg. But other than that I'm doing pretty good. To be 81 years old and put myself through what I've been through it's kinda tough sometimes on the old man but I don't intend to retire. I will be out there on the road and I'll see you real soon."

Gilley's injuries forced him to cancel a show he had scheduled for Saturday, but said he will resume touring on Jan. 20.

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Mickey Gilley Recovering After Car Wreck, Cancels Show