Michigan Diner Offers Free Thanksgiving Meals for the Lonely

A Michigan diner, George's Senate Coney Island Restaurant, is offering free Thanksgiving meals for the lonely. Thanksgiving, a holiday based on sharing meals with loved ones coming together, can be exciting when you are on the right side of the equation.

But, where do you go if you find yourself alone? Well, if you're in Northville, Michigan, you've got George. While George's holiday generosity has been playing out at George's Senate Coney Island Restaurant for a decade now, it has only recently gone viral through rhymingisfun's Reddit post of a sign on the diner's window.

Restaurant owner, George Dimopoulos, was inspired to serve the lonely from personal experience. Dimopoulos told ABC News that he left home and moved to Athens at age 12. He was forced to beg for food, and is seeking to console others who may be down on their luck, especially on the holidays.

Dimopoulos also stated that he doesn't mind offering this free Thanksgiving for anyone, including customers who aren't lonely at all. "I lose a little bit, but I feel good to help them. I hope the whole country gives back. People really appreciate it," he said.

Inspiring gesture, George. In light of the events in the world today, a heartwarming story like this always makes you feel a bit better.

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Michigan Diner Offers Free Thanksgiving Meals for the Lonely