Michael Ray Is Dating This 'Hills' Reality Star See Cute Photo
Photo By Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Michael Ray Is Dating This 'Hills' Reality Star — See Cute Photo

I'm sure many people will be devastated when I break this news to them. Michael Ray is officially off the relationship market. He's already taking the requisite "We're cute and nobody can tell us anything!" new relationship pictures. It's over. Go somewhere else. The home team lost.

He's officially dating The Hills star, Audrina Patridge. Patridge even captioned the above picture, "There's a lot of things in life worth letting go. But the ones that mean the most, you gotta hold." If you're a Ray fan, you may recognize those lyrics! Some online folks took the news easily! For others? Well, it was a little more personal.

"So weird how women post their love to their significant others on socials but go to his page and nothing about her, promoting his music. Women stop putting men on a pedestal," one passionate Instagram user said. Social media was a mistake in some ways.

"All the years of watching you with some ungrateful men, I just love how happy you finally look and I dont even know you. Love this for you." I'll never understand why some people are so wrapped up in celebrities' lives. I know, I know. "But you cover what they do all day, don't you?" Yeah, as a job. When I clock out for the day, all of that stays where it's at!

Michael Ray Is Officially Off The Market, Showing Off His New Relationship On Social Media

"Awe!!! Love this so much!!! Y'all seriously look like a couple from a magazine!!! This picture is so breathtaking!!! So happy and excited for y'all!!!" Some people can enjoy a wholesome picture without exploding into internet theatrics, however!

"Honestly people can change and if they found each other and are happy together then I'm so happy for both of them. Also the hate comments aren't necessary, Audrina has a daughter that comes first and she wouldn't pick bad people for her to be around. happy for you both."

I have no frame of reference for the start of that post regarding people's ability to change, but you know what? I dig enough in one day! Sometimes, it's okay to let something go. Humans weren't meant to know every little thing anyway. Leave me to my delusions!