Michael Phelps Reveals Country Music Pumps Him Up Before Races

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The Rio Olympics are in full swing, and Michael Phelps has already dominated (no surprise there). But Phelps is also making waves for a totally different reason -- his pre-game face. Phelps has been caught on camera numerous times with his headphones on and a no-nonsense look on his face. So, what exactly is he listening to that gets him in the zone? The answer could surprise you.

As it turns out, Phelps is a huge country music fan. According to the New York Times, he has a healthy mix of different music on his playlist, one of them being Eric Church. The country rebel seems like the perfect pick to help Phelps prep to take on his competitors.

The swimmer's musical preference doesn't completely shock us, though. Phelps rocked out in the car with his fellow teammates to Zac Brown Band's "Chicken Fried" earlier this week. The video was part of the USA Swim Team's carpool karaoke video series.

Phelps, still the most successful Olympian in history, has snagged two more gold medals so far at the Rio Games. His gold medal count went from 19 to 21, with a total medal count of 25. On Aug. 9, he won gold twice in one night swimming the 200-meter butterfly and the 4x200 meter freestyle relay.

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Michael Phelps Reveals Country Music Pumps Him Up Before Races