Michael J Fox Shocks Fans by Performing With Coldplay
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for TIME)

Michael J Fox Shocks Fans by Performing With Coldplay at Glastonbury

Michael J Fox continues to inspire millions as he lives his life battling Parkinson's Disease. So many might reserve their days to themselves in solitude with such an illness. But Fox proves that you don't have to sink down in sadness. Rather, you can continue to prosper, complications and all.

Recently, pop rock band Coldplay performs for over 100,000 fans at the Glastonbury Music Festival. Lead singer Chris Martin announces quite the surprise for those in attendance. First, he brings out the festival's founder Sir Michael Eavis, thanking him for the opportunity.

However, it doesn't stop there. "Here is another legendary Michael, " Martin says cheekily. "One who just totally rocks. With his Chuck Berry riff and the way he punched Biff: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Michael J. Fox."

Fox reserves himself to his wheelchair and perches a guitar in his lap. Martin kneels next to Michael as he and the band usher into a big Coldplay hit "Fix You." Moreover, Chris thanks Fox for inspiring the group's formation. "Especially thank you to the main reason why we're in a band, is because of watching 'Back to the Future,'" he says.

Fans Leave Coldplay Performance Inspired by Michael J Fox

Naturally, fans adore this crossover. One YouTube user commends the effort it takes for Michael J Fox to pull off this epic feat. "Watching Michael J Fox do that kick before the huge crescendo in that song will forever bring me to tears," they say. "The sheer amount of effort to do that, knowing how he was and what has happened and the effect he had on the band and my life, damn.. makes you hope that humanity still has a chance."

There are those equally enchanted by Coldplay's part in all of this. They marvel at the band's longevity, almost 25 years since their debut album. It all cultivates at a huge festival like Glastonbury. "I will never understand the hate Coldplay receives," one person comments. "Chris Martin has written some of the most beautiful songs ever, and they deserve to be recognised as a great band. They haven't had an album out for a long time but are still selling out stadiums, so that speaks volumes to me. This performance was outstanding, and every time I have seen Coldplay they have been."