Mesmerizing Video Shows Mass Sheep Herding


Using a drone, photographer Tim Whittaker filmed an utterly mesmerizing video of hundreds of sheep being herded from one paddock to another.

The sheep herding footage was captured while flying over the Hawke’s Bay region of the North Island in New Zealand.

Whittaker took the video while on assignment for a marketing agency called Beef & Lamb NZ. He gave the footage to an international photo agency, where it was then picked up by The Daily Telegraph. The Daily Telegraph, which put it up on their Facebook page and the video spread quickly from there.

In a statement to The Sydney Morning Herald, Whittaker explained, “The original brief was to get stills but I just thought [the sheep make] crazy patterns from the sky, so I may as well just run some video while we’re doing it.”

His idea definitely paid off. We doubt he knew how incredible the footage would turn out. The video has gone viral and has already garnered half a million views on YouTube.

The sight of the running sheep have a kaleidoscope effect that’s almost hypnotizing to watch. Who knew a bird’s eye view of stampeding sheep could be so beautiful?

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Mesmerizing Video Shows Mass Sheep Herding