Merle Haggard’s Comments About President Obama Still Ring True

In a 2010 interview, Merle Haggard said, “It’s almost criminal what they do with our President.”

Rolling Stone interviewed the country music legend Merle Haggard after the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors, where he received the lifetime achievement award. Over the past few days, his comments from that interview have again made the rounds among various social media platforms.

Haggard’s comments are just as relevant now as they were five years ago. President Barack Obama has met with opposition throughout his presidency, and the media has helped exacerbate negativity directed toward him from politicians and U.S. residents alike.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to sift through political agenda. Haggard, however, told the interviewer he enjoyed meeting President Obama and said he was different from how the media usually portrays him.

Haggard added, “There seems to be no shame or anything. They call him all kinds of names all day long, saying he’s doing certain things that he’s not. It’s just a big old political game that I don’t want to be part of. There are people spending their lives putting him down. I’m sure some of it’s true and some of it’s not. I was very surprised to find the man very humble and he had a nice handshake.”

At the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors, he was in pretty great company. Rock icon Paul McCartney and film and television star Oprah Winfrey were among the honorees. Haggard had previously visited the White House twice, invited by both President Nixon and President Reagan.

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Merle Haggard’s Comments About President Obama Still Ring True