Merle Haggard Reveals Why He Never Joined The Highwaymen

Over the years, many have wondered why Merle Haggard never joined Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson to be a part of country-supergroup The Highwaymen. In a new interview, Haggard sets the record straight on what kept him from performing and touring alongside some of the biggest names in the genre.

Haggard told Nashville Gab that he was actually offered the spot as a fifth member of the group, but declined. He says he declined the offer because it was the best decision for him and the group financially.

“It’ll cut the money down so low, you guys won’t even wanna do it,” Haggard said. “When you’re touring the world, you gotta take the economics into play. It’s gonna cost a lot of money to do that. When you got 15-20 people traveling with you, it’s a big deal.”

Although Haggard has a point, it’s likely that many fans would have shelled out some extra bucks to see those five superstars sing alongside each other. You can hear Haggard discuss more about the Highwaymen and his new single with Willie Nelson, “It’s All Going To Pot”, in the full interview posted at Nashville Gab.

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Merle Haggard Reveals Why He Never Joined The Highwaymen