Merle Haggard Reveals Just How Serious His Hospitalization Was

When Merle Haggard was hospitalized on Dec. 2 for pneumonia, the country star remained optimistic and quiet as he was fighting a hard battle. However, it was unknown just how unstable his health situation really was.

Haggard called in to Willie’s Roadhouse to thank his fans for their prayers and support during the difficult time during his hospitalization. Haggard revealed, “A couple of weeks ago I came in the hospital here, and I guess I was…I guess I was nearly dead. I had a double pneumonia.”

While in the hospital, the doctors had difficulty concluding if his cancer had returned, though he was diagnosed with lung cancer and treated in 2008. The illness he faced, however, was a serious bout of pneumonia that he almost didn’t survive. For the past few weeks, he was in treatment, but is finally feeling better.

He thanked his fans for being understanding of his tour cancellation, and also for the doctors and nurses that were vital in his recovery. He thanked Gene Autry’s widow, Jackie, for convincing him to finally visit the doctor when he was ill and revealed that he might not have lived to see another Christmas were it not for her concern.

Merle ended the phone call by thanking his supporters again, and revealed just how grateful he is to live to see another Christmas holiday: My wife and I both want to thank God for allowing me to have another Christmas. It looks like I’m going to make it to one.

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Merle Haggard Reveals Just How Serious His Hospitalization Was