The First-Ever Menudo Madness Festival & Cook-Off Is Almost Here

There is nothing like a steaming hot bowl of menudo when you're under the weather or drank just a little too much last night. The signature Mexican soup is a staple in Southwestern cooking with the best recipes coming from border towns along our neighboring Mexico. Americans have certainly had their way with the traditional menudo recipe, like menudo Colorado with chili instead of broth, but those changes only speak to the soup's staying power. Home cooks across the country, from California to Texas, have their own tasty versions of menudo and now, if you live in Texas, you can bring your recipe to the Menudo Madness Festival & Cook-Off.

On March 10, 2019, the first-ever Menudo Madness Festival & Cook-Off will take place in San Antonio. The event is hosted by Sabor! Cocina Mexicana, Moonlight Ballroom & Conference Center and Texas Wrestling Entertainment. Home cooks and professional chefs will go head-to-head to see who serves up the best menudo. Per KSAT, "participants will be judged on the use of fresh ingredients, spiciness, color and texture, as well as creativity." Menudo Cook Off winners will receive cash prizes. The event will also feature live pro wrestling that's safe for kiddos and live music.

If you're planning on entering the menudo contest, it's best to review what makes a classic menudo before you hit the first-ever Menudo Festival in San Antonio. Menudo is made with tripe (beef stomach) in a red chili pepper broth, and typically includes onions, lime, and hominy. It's an amazing hangover cure, but besides that, it holds dear significance to Mexican families the world over.

Frequently served after wedding receptions and on holidays even in the United States, the soup has become a family staple because the prep for an authentic menudo can use all the hands in the kitchen. To learn more about the family fun festival, visit Menudo Madness online.

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