Mel Tillis Finally Heads Home After Lengthy Hospitalization

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Country legend Mel Tillis is finally headed home after being hospitalized for nearly a year.

In early 2016, the 84-year-old Grand Ole Opry member was admitted into a Nashville hospital for surgery after suffering a diverticulitis attack (an infection in his digestive tract). Last week, Mel’s daughter and fellow Opry legend Pam Tillis, explained what happened in the days and weeks following the procedure.

“On the way to the hospital, he became septic and was in ICU for the better part of a month,” Pam wrote in a Facebook post. “Everything he is dealing with now, almost a year later, is a direct result of that crisis. Due to the nature of his illness, his care was best served in several facilities in Nashville up until November.”

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After months of in-patient treatment, Mel is finally healthy enough to head back home to Ocala, Fla. Pam was elated to share the news after an outpouring of support from their fans. Although Tillis won’t be making any public appearances in the near future, Pam is happy to share that his “vital signs are good and his sense of humor is fully intact!”

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Mel Tillis Finally Heads Home After Lengthy Hospitalization