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Meghan Linsey Reveals Gnarly Spider Bite

Country singer and "Voice" alum Meghan Linsey recently suffered from an experience many of us would consider our worst nightmare. After waking up with a stinging sensation in her face on Feb. 12, Linsey discovered a Brown Recluse spider dead in her hand.

Although this venomous spider doesn't bite too often, their venomous nips can be life-threatening. If you know anything about Brown Recluse spiders, you'll know thesymptoms  that surface after a bite are gruesome. For the week after the spider bite, Linsey suffered from extreme swelling and nerve pain in her face. Unfortunately, the swelling and horrific nerve pain were accompanied by a full body rash and muscle spasms.

Linsey confesses that this is a nightmare to her, too. "This scenario is literally on the top of my nightmare list," she said in an Instagram post that finally revealed the catastrophe to her fans.

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Even though the insane symptoms of the brown recluse spider bite haven't gone away fully yet, Linsey says she's found some relief with the help of medication. She is also thankful that she won't need plastic surgery on her face, as the bite is expected to heal on its own.

Linsey's revelation reminds all of us to be mindful when living in an area where Brown Recluse spiders roam. They're found all over the United States, and common in our favorite place: the South, with particular emphasis on the states between Texas and Florida.

Their venom kills skin cells, turning it into dead tissue. The bites leave an open sore on the skin, and sometimes a swollen face. With the right meds, you can stop the damage of the bite before the venomous spider bite gets out of control.

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The former one-half of duo Steel Magnolias is planning on getting back in the studio soon to cut a new record. Her musical focus has changed since her stint on The Voice, though. Expect to hear her next studio album as a more pop-infused sound than her previous releases.

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