Meet Violet, the Cutest Rescue Goat on the Planet

We all know that puppies and kittens are adorable fluffy balls of joy. But you haven't seen anything cute until you meet this little baby rescue goat, Violet.

This tiny rescue goat was rejected by her mother. The stressed mama had three babies and not enough milk or resources so she kicked little Violet to the curb.

Fortunately, her story has a happy Instagram-worthy ending.

On her birthday Catskill Animal Sanctuary stepped in. They nurtured her and acted as surrogate mothers for the charismatic Violet.

Instagram/Catskill Animal Sanctuary Screenshot

She is bottle-fed, cuddled, has a luxuriously free area to run around and blankets to snuggle with.

Instragram/Catskill Animal Sanctuary Screenshot

The Instagram page is filled with photos of tiny Violet. She's wearing striped sweaters, jumping around and generally living the sweet life. She even managed to get on top of a rock in her first days.

YouTube/Catskill Animal Sanctuary Screenshot

It's a challenge to keep it together when you see her talking and wiggling her tiny, tiny tail.

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Meet Violet, the Cutest Rescue Goat on the Planet