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Meet Tootsie, An 80-Year-Old BBQ Pitmaster Who's Tougher Than You

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Meet the hardest working 80-year-old in the South (or the whole country). Tootsie Tomanetz is a fireball who doesn't know anything other than to work her tail off. Growing up, she was the only girl to wear jeans to school, and she used to ride her horse to the school bus. She was a one-of-a-kind person since she was a kid.

Tootsie talked with Round Top about her childhood, saying, "As a kid, I never really considered what I wanted to be. I was a daddy's girl, always riding horses; I think being a cowboy might've suited me."

In the '70s, Tootsie and her husband, White, owned a Meat Market. She's been working with red meat and barbecuing ever since. After selling the Market, she continued doing what she loved in her hometown of Lexington, Texas.

Tootsie has garnered national attention lately her work ethic and skills as a Pitmaster. An employee of the famous Snow's BBQ in Lexington, Texas, Tootsie gets up around midnight every night to start the fires at the restaurant.

In the YETI video, Tootsie is described as "tough as nails," "works like a 35-year-old" and "only got one gear, and that's just about all-out."

People come from all around to get some of the famous BBQ from Snow's, but Tootsie is almost as big of a draw. Customers can often be seen taking pictures with her. In fact, she knows when a customer is a first-timer at Snow's because if they weren't, she'd have already taken a picture with them.

"It could be that I enjoy barbecuing because it is hard work. I probably can't lift as much as I used to," Tootsie explains in the video. "But I don't use the phrase 'I can't.' That's just not in my vocabulary."

On top of working at Snow's, she also works five days a week as a custodian for the Giddings Independent School District.

"There's value to hard work," Tootsie tells Round Top. "It perturbs me to see people loaf around, not apply themselves and then complain that they're not being paid what they're worth when in truth they're probably getting paid more than they're worth."

Well said, Tootsie! We could all learn a few lessons on hard work from Tootsie.

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Meet Tootsie, An 80-Year-Old BBQ Pitmaster Who's Tougher Than You