Meet the Man Jailed for Playing His Country Records Too Loud

Derek Ironside / Newsline Scotland

A Scottish man has been sent to jail after refusing to turn down his country and western music.

Michael O'Rourke from Peterhead, Scotland was given a jail sentence of four months after violating noise ordinances and ignoring multiple complaints from neighbors. Among his favorite artists, the voices of Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash contributed to his lockup on Jan. 8.

Folsom Prison blues, indeed.

O'Rourke has earned the title of the "oldest raver in town," thanks to his lifelong love of playing his music good and loud. According to the Daily Mail, one of the reasons why the 58-year-old is constantly turning up the volume is because he is partially deaf. Over the years, authorities have charged him with seven noise violations and have even confiscated his record player.

Undeterred, the country superfan went on to violate what's called in Scotland a "antisocial behaviour order," originally handed down in an effort to ban him from playing music at high volumes. That resulted in O'Rourke going before a judge in Peterhead Sheriff Court earlier this week.

Not amused by the outlaw's wild listening choices, the judge handed down a strict sentence: "This is the sort of behaviour that when it does occur is expected to come from a teenager living away from their parents for the first time," O'Rourke was told, according to Express. "This course of conduct from you - a man of 56 - is appalling."

O'Rourke must return to court in three months to face additional charges, including resisting a police officer. Once he's released, the country fan hopes to sell his house and move to a more secluded area where he can continue to enjoy his tunes at full volume.

Come on home to Texas or Nashville any time, buddy.

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Meet the Man Jailed for Playing His Country Records Too Loud