Meet the New Budweiser Clydesdales

Meet the man behind the brand new generation of Budweiser’s famous mascots.

Beer giant Budweiser has one of the most recognizable mascots in advertising history. Their beautiful and majestic Clydesdales steal the show in every commercial that the brand puts out.

The beginning of the Budweiser Clydesdale brand began in the 1930s when August Busch Sr. was given a handful of the horses in celebration of the repeal of prohibition. Since then, the Clydesdales have become their own successful and recognizable brand and mascot for the company. The Budweiser stables now hold over 200 of the powerfully beautiful creatures.

John Soto is a caretaker of the Clydesdales at Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville, Missouri. He has worked with the horses for over 35 years and today works to breed and protect the animals. Currently, there are 70 Clydesdales living on the 300-acre ranch.

John Soto with Duke the Clydesdale. Photo: KSDK-TV

“They’re really nice horses to work with,” Soto told KSDK-TV. He helps to raise the gentle giants from infancy to adulthood and says he’s helped raise an estimated 400 to 500 Clydesdales during his time at the Warm Springs Ranch.

Being the supervisor at the Ranch means taking care of all aspects of the horses well being, all the way down to blow-drying their hair.

John Soto cleaning Duke’s feathers. Photo: KSDK-TV

Arizona, one of the baby Clydesdales seen in the photo below, is a 200-pound package of sweet and cuddly fun.

Photo: KSDK-TV


“She’s kind of an ornery little thing, she’s spunky, she’s got quite a personality,” said Soto. Although he says he tries not to get too attached to the animals, he also says he has a soft spot for Budweiser’s 2013 commercial entitled “Brotherhood,” which showcased the special relationship between a Clydesdale and its handler.


“That whole commercial was sort of what we do, you raise the baby up, he goes on the hitch, of course they don’t usually come up and give us a big hug when we see them,” Soto told KSDK-TV. “But that was the one that hit closest to home for what we do.”

When it comes down to it, Soto isn’t afraid to say how proud he is of his horses.

“We know where our babies are and how they’re doing, so there’s pretty much pride in about every aspect of what we do,” said Soto.

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Meet the New Budweiser Clydesdales