Meet Jake, the Tallest Horse in the World

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When it comes to horses, Big Jake is the true king of the herd.

This beautiful creature was named the tallest living horse on the planet in 2012. The 14-year-old Belgian Gelding stands proudly over his human caretakers and fellow horses at the record-breaking height of 6 feet, 11 inches.

Watch the video below to get an up close and personal look at the life of this kind-hearted giant.

Jerry Gilbert of Smokey Hollow Farms in Poynette, WI takes care of Big Jake, and says he is truly a gentle giant. The 2,600-pound showstopper loves attention and frequently cuddles up to anyone who offers up some friendly pets or hugs. Many are initially taken aback by Jake's impressive and somewhat overwhelming stature. However, it doesn't take long for most to fall in love with his sweet demeanor.

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Big Jake has a strict diet that keeps his body in pristine condition. Each day, he eats two bales of hay and an assortment of vitamins. When he isn't spending time on the farm, Gilbert and Big Jake work together at events to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

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Meet Jake, the Tallest Horse in the World